Stop on by and skip on down the yellow brick road with one of the '60's hippest drummers
; Willie Kellogg

Listen to some of Willie's private collection of recordings while he takes you on a auditory journey into the past

Check out some of Willie's personal photos that includes snapshots of some greats like

Joel Scott Hill and
Bob Mosley

email Willie questions and check back for answers here. Send us pics and audio for site if ya got 'em, we'd love to share them and some stories to boot.
The Tunes
The Pics

Willie sets the stage :
Joel Scott Hill and The Strangers - 1964
play at the Red Garter in Ocean Beach, CA
(Now called Dream Street)

Live at The Red Garter_1 (5:06 min)

Live at The Red Garter 2
(29 min)
(very large 29 min file: includes "Lead Me On" from separate live performace at intro)

Live at The Red Garter 3 (9:38 min)

Live at The Red Garter 4 (4:02 min)

Live at The Red Garter 5 (4:39 min)

Live at The Red Garter 6 (7:50 min)

Joel Scott Hill Live 1968

01 Live 1968 (6:07 min)

02 Live 1968 (11:41 min)

More rare recordings...

Ocean Rolls Away (19 min) large file
(Willie and Joel in Joel's living room after Joel suffered vocal cord damage)

Willie's Photo Gallery
great stuff from the '60 the boys were swingin'

Recording session photos
Live in Concert
Live at the Red Garter

View larger Photos in PDF format

1964 The Strangers & Invaders pdf
1964 The Stranger open for The Rolling Stones pdf

Lookout studio Photos pdf
Willie Kellogg, Lamar, Joel Scott Hill, Harold Kirby pdf
New Paper Articles pdf

Willie Kellogg
Gene Lamar, Joel Hill, and Harold Kirby

Willie shares some primo stash from his days with Bob Mosley
Here's Some great listening, so turn the lights off, light a candle, burn some incenses (or what ever!), kick back and trip with Willie

The Misfits

Willie and Bob Mosley part 1 (apx 14min)
Willie and Bob Mosley part 2 (apx 9min)
(these are a big file so be patient, also some added equalization is helpful on some of part 2, we'll be working on enhancing the recording and re-putting the file ASAP)

Bob's Studio Stuff


You Can Depend On Me

Queen of The Crows

I Picked A Rose

The Movies

Kentucky Straight

King Neptune


Moby Grape 1978
Keystone, Palo Alto CA

Next Time You See Me

Murder In My Heart

Heart's Desire

Hey Grandma

Cuttin' In On You

Gypsy Wedding

Pretty Bird



Willie's Email Replies
(Names have been deleted to protect the innocent)

In Search of The Big Beat

Big Boss Man

Re: 1950's

Music History

'88 entertainer

Are We Real

Here We Go Again
or Willie's Opinion on ACID

He's Burning Bridges
While I'm Diggin' up Bones

Another Short Bio



Funky Quarters 1971
The Strangers




More to come...including more cuts Joel Scott Hill, John Lee Hooker and Gene Lamar
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